Are all pressure washing companies the same?

Are all pressure washing companies the same? Absolutely not.

1st Impressions Pressure Washing believes the more any property owner knows about what pressure washing companies have to offer, the more intelligent decisions that property owner can make for maintenance considerations.

Not many people know how much technology and equipment have evolved in the pressure washing industry in the last 10 years. This evolution has borne itself through the search for greater effectiveness, efficiency and safety as well as a result of following the recommendations of the manufacturers of new and improved products that make up your home or business exterior. Pressure washing is a necessary and value adding service that helps prevent future troubles by maintaining and restoring your property’s exterior surfaces.

Some things to consider when choosing a pressure washing contractor are… Do they have insurance? Do they know what the manufacturer of the surface recommends as a cleaning process? Do they have a working knowledge of the ingredients in the detergents they will be using to clean your property? What kind of equipment are they using? Is it really the ‘best’, or did they just steal a photo of a Lowes special to mislead you into thinking they were properly prepared? Are they safety conscious? Are they invested for long term customer service, making themselves available to give you a consistent, expected result you can depend on every time you have your property pressure washed through the years? Earning a couple dollars to make ends meet, or improving the quality of your life in some specific way?

Some stains that develop on your property’s exterior include mildew, mold, battery acid stains, fertilizer stains, oxidation, roof fungus, rust, well water, sulphur and oil stains. One stain does not clean the same on one surface as it does on another. One surface does not accept the same process and cleaning solution for stain removal as would work on another as well. Think that handyman with a Lowes special of the season will be able to just make that stain go away with 3000+ psi and some determination? Watch the wood begin to splinter, the protective coating of the siding wear away and the cream of the concrete etch and just wash away. An understanding of the make-up of each surface, the warranty each manufacturer provides and the cleaning agents that effectively clean your home’s exterior safely should be something any pressure washing contractor can answer to with certainty.

Who has the biggest and best toys? Is that why companies are created in the first place? Is that the goal, to get the best stuff? It’s really not that simple. There is a point behind having better equipment, and for our company, it’s certainly not bragging rights. Anything we re-invest back into equipment is for the purpose of providing a more effective, efficient and safe working environment. With this purpose in mind, our customers get a better clean, affordable and competitive rates and cleaning technicians that are less fatigued, more effective and friendly. Safety considerations go into every dollar spent for upgraded equipment and how it is laid out. This helps everyone win, and keeps that awesome insurance as little more than a bill to pay every year.

In the Valley of the sun, who doesn’t like to spend time outside and enjoy the life and warmth that comes with our beautiful weather? Generations of family and friends will visit to enjoy grilling and conversation on your patios and decks. 1st Impressions Pressure Washing LLC makes your outdoor spaces more inviting, clean and healthy. Seeing and hearing the genuine amazement and gratification from customers is a reward all it’s own. The pride you have in your property mirrors the pride for this exterior cleaning company hearing from it’s customers, ‘Job well done!’.

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